Welcome to the rules and regulations of the Express Asaluyeh website.

The rules and regulations of using the Express Asaluyeh website are presented that the order sends the acceptance of all the cases contained and rules in the form of the contract. Note that the rules and regulations are allowed to change the site users during the time.
All services provided on the Express Assaluyeh website are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and e-commerce law.

side of the contract

Article 1- side of the contract

This contract is signed between the Express Assalouyeh group, the Assaluyeh city, the mosque street, the passage of Khajeh Mole, the second floor on one side and Internet users, including buyers and sellers on the other hand.

contract Subject

Article 2 - contract Subject

The issue of this contract is to provide strategies for work for purchasing or purchasing goods from external sites approved by the parties anywhere in the world and delivery anywhere in Iran. It should be noted that after confirmation of the link and the goods are considered by the Bachelor’s Prices (Inquiry) Express Asaluyeh, the prior to the customer is issued.